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Genre defying. Experimental. Dreamer. Some of the words to describe my approach to photography as I delve into the various genres of photography
About Me







it began with a camera

I can scarcely hardly remember a time when I was not fascinated by photography. From the time when a 110mm brick of a camera was thrusted into my young hands to today when I handle far more sophiscated equipment, the photograph is something I always think about. Early in my life, I admire those who took the photographs and how they were able to accomplish them. Now, I am the photographer and it is my quest to explore the limits to my creativity in capturing the image



In the past several years, I managed to accomplished a lot in my photography. Working with creative people on both sides of the camera, I have come to know what is required to deliver an exceptional image and it my promise to do what it takes to produce that image.







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